I Had to Laugh … The Super Bowl

I_Had_to_Laugh_AvatarI haven’t been the same building as the Super Bowl since the great wardrobe malfunction of … (this is taking time as I’m having to Google it … ), 2004. And then I never went in the room where the game was showing, but stayed in the kitchen talking with friends.

When you grow up with a rabid football father, you join the team or you retreat. I chose retreat.

I understand the premise. I even enjoyed going to games in high school. But now that I am an adult and get some choice in how I spend my time, I choose to exert my competitive side watching cooking shows. At the moment, I am watching the cutthroat Greatest British Baking Show.

British-Baking-Show-Bakers-Feat-602x338I think it will come down to upholsterer from Brighton, Kate and Richard, a builder from North London. However, I can’t count out 17-year-old Martha who is a quick learner. And very cute. Who will take home the crown. I haven’t a clue, but I do like watching other people cook. I just hope there are no pass interceptions in the last minutes of the contest.