I Had to Laugh, My Bio

The experts in publicity all say you have to have a bio page. Here is mine.

The unofficial title of this blog is: “I Had to Laugh.” It is my contention that in practically all areas of life if you don’t laugh you’ll start crying and never stop. Hence the name.

I grew up in North Idaho, joined the United States Air Force at 18–Jimmy Carter and I served our country together–and I married at 19. My country, in its wisdom, determined they needed my female person in the aircraft maintenance career field more than they needed any actual skill. I was an unspectacular aircraft mechanic and a pretty good wing training geek. Those were the days when computers took up acres and still had less computing power than my antiquated flip phone. (I now have a smartphone as this was written nearly a decade ago.) I left the service when Reagan was inaugurated. It figures that I joined just in time for the Carter military decimation years and left just as another president was trying to restore some respect.

The Husband and I moved to Missouri to be near his family. We stayed for seven years, having two kids in the process. Then, in 1989 we moved to Portland, Oregon to help start a church. I met many great people along the way, one of the best was Laura Hile. Our kids grew up together and we learned to write together. In the course of writing, I met Pamela Aidan.

We are all still friends and still writing together. We are all older, wiser, and just as opinionated.

Now I write novels with the hopes of making a living. My philosophy of writing is:

Serious literary art tends to be honest; as such, it often confront realities–the search for love, the ugliness of evil, the futility of life without God, the mysterious splendors of ordinary life. ~ Gene Edward Veith, JR.

The fascinating modern age in which we live makes that a possibility.

From my lips to God’s ears.

Take care–Susan Kaye