I Had to Laugh … At Myself

I_Had_to_Laugh_AvatarFor the past few months I’ve been doing something that has been not only a huge chore, but it has the source of doubt about my writing ability.

This isn’t a plea for encouragement. I have gotten used to doing without that because frankly, I’m fairly sure that most people who try to encourage others are using the fake-it-til-you-make-it tactic. The chorus mouths all the words they think should be said in order to keep the poor wretch afloat until they actually do “make it.” Teachers in particular employ this method a lot.

So, back to the task I’ve been wrestling. I’ve been editing and posting a very old piece of writing. It’s been a lot like cleaning out the house after someone dies. I’ve done that so I know the comparison is apt. As you dig through this other person’s life, you find things you remember, but you also find things you’d forgotten. In working with my old writing I’ve noticed how much I’ve improved. I’ve also noticed that there are mistakes I still make and am sure I will make until I die. Sigh.

This kind of work also gives you a chance to compare life in general to the past. Writers can’t help adding their real world to their writing and so I can remember the world that was as I edit and how it compares to now. Things have changed. A lot.

People in my life have changed. My children are now adults. I have a granddaughter and a son-in-law. My husband has change a great deal. My mother is different as is my brother. Several people in my family have died. All of that comes back from working with my old writing.

I’m done working with the old writing and can go back to working on my current projects–which are really old as well, but newer than THAT old stuff.

No wonder I’m odd.

What bring the past back for you? Places? People? Food? Travel? What does it take to transport you back to the good old days?

Have a great weekend.