Wentworth Wednesday

Persuasion_369In the opening of Chapter 18 of Persuasion, Anne receives a letter from Mary, dated February 1st. How exciting! We are all together in the same dreary days of winter. The letter was delivered by the Crofts, who came to Bath for the Admiral’s gout.

I guess gout was shameful as everyone seemed to be keeping it hush-hush.

Anyway,  in this letter, Anne gets the good news about Louisa and Capt. Benwick. And, Mary tells her that Charles wonders what Capt. Wentworth will say. Anne, in the privacy of her own room and thoughts wonders too. “She could not endure that such a friendship as theirs should be severed unfairly.

I’ve always thought that Anne Elliot and Elinor Dashwood were the most alike of the Austen heroines, but I see now that maybe Anne has a lot of Jane Bennet in her. This is somewhat like Jane dithering about poor Mr. Darcy and then about poor Mr. Wickham.

No matter. Frederick and Anne will have to sort themselves out in a few days. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.


I sure don’t feel 65!

And to Ciaran Hinds, happy birthday on Friday.