Why Anne and Frederick?

cropped-befunky_stenciler_1.jpgBy far the favorite book in the Austen canon is Pride and Prejudice. Less than half as many readers cite one of the other main novels as their favorite when polled. I am one of those less than half. I do like P&P, I just don’t LOVELOVELOVE it as so many do.

The boy-meets-girl-he-doesn’t-really-like-but-comes-to-love-eventually story is pretty standard fare. And while the repartee between Darcy and Elizabeth is great, I’m a big fan of getting a second chance. That’s what Austen’s last novel, Persuasion is all about.

The original title of P&P was First Impressions. Were Austen to write Persuasion in this day, it would be called A Do Over.

Frederick and Anne met in the summer of 1806, gradually became acquainted and quickly fell in love. He proposed, she accepted. He went to her father, her father turned up his nose at a sailor wanting to marry into the august Elliot family. The family got to her and she broke the engagement. He told her off and shook the dust of Kellynch Hall from his boots. Persuasion has with great stuff Jerry Springer is all about, except with less chair throwing.

If you agree about Persuasion, or just loving one of the other Austen works leave a comment. If you are die-hard P&P fan, own it and be proud! And leave a comment.