Frederick Wentworth, Captain

The books None But You and its sequel For You Alone were written and released more than a decade ago. I made some edits to the text with someone who knows commas, and I edited the writing to avoid imitating Jane Austen’s style. Now I write the story of Anne and Frederick, hoping to make their thoughts and desires true to the period rather than just trying to recreate the language.

That being said, I am offering these works to readers who may remember them and for those who are new to the Austen fandom. The works will be offered free for a limited time as I do intend to publish them digitally and in paperback.

I am probably opening myself up to trouble, but I am going to post NBY two places. Sort of a belt and braces approach. I will post the individual chapter here on WordPress and on my Substack, Some Settling May Occur.

Clicking this LINK will take you to NONE BUT YOU, Book One in the Frederick Wentworth, Captain series on WordPress. Here if you want to read on Substack.